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I’ve got a new blog post up!

It’s 5 months late, but still filled with love

I’m sure you all can’t wait to read about why I love Manchester’s finest and their latest album 
'The Take Off and Landing of Everything' by Elbow

Read it here


Here we have my poorly written attempts at conveying Glastonbury festival. Go on indulge me a little. 
One week of mud & music in which I met a couple of celebs, became an adoring Dolly Parton fan and screamed my way through Kasabian




I’ve got all sorts of sunburn lines and blisters from wellies
if you could give me a read I’d appreciate it.

Glastonbury Festival 2014

Blog post of how I survived the Friday of Glastonbury Festival here

Find out how I met Greg James, my poor attempts at trying to see everything and the acts that made the rain disappear.

Posts about the following days to come you lucky things!

New blog post!Review of Jack White’s second solo album ‘Lazaretto’read it here

New blog post!
Review of Jack White’s second solo album ‘Lazaretto’
read it here

"Winin’ Boy Blues"

Still getting the hang of this but here’s me gushing over one of my favourite actors and I wish I could time travel back to Bristol 2013 to see him perform all over again.

First post!!!!!11

No but really.

This is a new thing I’m trying. This will be a music blog for me to outlet some of my music obsession. It’s linked to my new wordpress blog, so you can read my official first post here.
The tumblr blog will be another way for me to post smaller bits of information, more of a ‘song of the day’ type thing, with lots of pictures and audio posts, as well as links to the primary blog posts.

I’m actually quite excited about this and I really hope I get to share this with as many people as possible.


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